Fixed download locations after Sourceforge download servers changed.


Version 1.2 released! New features (all two of them) include the ability to switch to an idle priority and to specify whether or not to quit when the user logs off. See the command line options.


I've just been told that Norton Antivirus detects my program as a backdoor trojan virus! Please see my explanation.

I have now digitally signed the zip archives, using key id 0x11FD1FA9.


Just moved to Sourceforge. Please change any links or bookmarks to point to Further changes to this page will only appear here.

You may download identd version 1.10 from Sourceforge now, which should work.


I have just become aware that the downloads don't work properly with all browsers and with no download managers; I have sent a complaint to Prohosting about this. For the moment, you may send me an email here and I will auto-reply with the latest version (it's only 36K). If my autoresponder is having problems, sent me an email to my normal address. The autoresponder is on my computer which isn't online all the time, but you should get it within a day. [Updated: 13/9/2000] Note that the autoresponder is now offline; send me an email if the Sourceforge link has problems, which it shouldn't.

If Prohosting do not sort the problem soon, I will be looking to move the site.

Sorry about that!


Changes made; identd version 1.1 is now available below. I've noted that a few other identd programs are now available since I first made this program (do a search at Google and search for "identd windows". Why I think my program is better (these may or may not apply to all the available programs):


I intend to add the following features to a new version, 1.1, in the next week or so:

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