Command line Parameters

I'm not using getopt or anything fancy like that, so stick to separate hypens for each option, with a space between an option and its parameter.

Option Default Description
-t num 30 timeout connections after num seconds.
-c num 8 set maximum number of concurrent connections to num
-w num 0 wait num seconds before accepting connections
-s (off) makes replies in the case in which Windows reports them, instead of always being changed to lowercase (though I have no idea why anyone would want to do that)
-i (off) switch (if possible) to an idle priority before processing requests
-q (on if Windows 95) quit when the user logs off
-p (on if not Windows 95) stay running when the user logs off
-r 0 Response type:
0Real username
1Randomly generated username
2Pseudo-random username — this will respond with the same username for a particular server each time (it is therefore predictable, so is no longer random)
-u (off) Specify a particular (fake) username to respond with every request
-b (off) Beep the PC speaker every time a request is received
-n (off) Turn off the port-based access control check (this is not generally useful)

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